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'''Gertrude Franklin Horn Atherton''' (October 30, 1857 – June 14, 1948) was a prominent and prolific American author. Many of her novels are set in her home state of California. Her bestseller ''Black Oxen'' (1923) was made into a Black Oxen|silent movie of the same name. In addition to novels, she wrote short stories, essays, and articles for magazines and newspapers on such issues as feminism, politics, and war. She was strong-willed, independent-minded, and sometimes controversial.
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PseudonymAsmodeus, Frank Lin
Birth nameGertrude Franklin Horn
Birth date{{Birth date|1857|10|30|mf=yes}}
Birth placeSan Francisco
Death date{{Death date and age|1948|06|14|1857|10|30|mf=yes}} (stroke)
Death placeSan Francisco
OccupationNovelist and short story writer.
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